I’d like to ask you to think about a time when you were able to connect with some “other” person in a way that caused you to see the world, that  person or yourself differently…  A connection that really meant something to you.  Take me there and tell me the story.

"The biggest lesson I think was, something that was shared by a good friend that I met there,...'Life looks differently when you walk at 4km an hour'."

"Yo no habia vivido hasta que de repente tuve la oportunidad de salir a uno que otro lugar y ver que no es tan peligroso salir al mundo."

"I think it's to say that there is something more than that... to see the need for us as humans to interact in a level of love and to see... that ultimately, that we were actually united, my Iraqi colleagues and me, a deeper level of love in wanting the violence to stop."

"Ha sido esa mi filosofia como les comentaba hace rato, es respetar, es honrar, es querer, es amar al projimo."

"A story only has power when you're able to reflect."

"Uno vive como uno quiere vivir. Quieres vivir en la clandestinidad ahi vas a estar. Quieres vivir en paz. Quieres tener trabajo todo el tiempo lo vas a obtener es no mas que te enfoquez y con quien te juntes. Todos en algun momento necesitamos una ayuda."

"Creo que el amor es el que nos permite poder despertar o germinar todas esas semillas que llevamos dentro"

"We were thinking "that wouldn't happen in America"...it was so openminded of people."

"She wasn't afraid of me...she was gone."

"It was the first time to show that there was something more than money... ...there's something called love"

"I'm from Missouri...didn't see a person of color until I was about 10"

"El hecho de ver a un niño en un hospital con algun problema dificil o complicado y tu le vez una alegria, entonces dices bueno porque yo me quejo de un problma tan insignificante. Eso son de las cosas que a ti te motivan."

"It's to start the basic function of making them human again, which is something they lose very early on."


"We need to do more to bridge the gaps to understand people as well as to check ourselves and how we present ourselves because I could not even image if he had even heard that comment what that would do to the relationships built by other people..." 

"She had to because she needed a job to raise her child"

"El que fue mi jefe despues como el resto de las personas me daban a entender que aunque no supiera podia hacer, y esa fue la primera vez en mi vida que yo habia pensado de esa manera, todo el tiempo habia ido adelante con miedo hacia todo."

"After going to the police Academy and working in law enforcement... ...the things that you do every day kind of changes you as a person."

"El mundo se está monetizando. Demasiado mas de lo que yo sabia y hay muchas cosas de eso que esta mal."

"As soon as we all connected, the four of us, everything started building from there. And I think that's really important... who you have around you."

"I think that's really important... is not comparing your story to someone else's but just accepting without judgement and having that compassion for each other. When you have that vulnerability and...be able to share without judgement... is when you get to really truly learn about yourself." Read Carson's Full Story

"...I apologized that I could not speak more English, he could speak some english, and he said, 'Your eyes tell me all... You don't have to speak the language, you are speaking with your heart through your eyes... And I thought that was pretty beautiful."

"...How come I've never seen him before...How come I never really recognized how beautiful he was... how beautiful his face is, how lovely he is...just realizing those things come out because you know you're never going to see this person anymore."

"We continued to have this wonderful conversation until I dropped them both off...that's my story about meeting someone that was an 'other'...And how we connected despite you know the prejudice and biases that they might have or I might have about them."

"Son esas pequeñas oportunidades que se te presentan donde pones tus valores en practica."

"Their ability to show me their true human nature—which I think is based off of compassion and generosity—is what made this really important to me. And their courage and kindness despite everything they've been through... it spoke to me."

"Una cosa muy grande es la naturaleza y el medio ambiente. Estamos en San Diego y Tijuana. Estamos en una cuenca binacional. No es una cosa Mexicana ni una cosa Estadounidense sino una cosa de la frontera, de nuestra región."

Ana Lucia
"Esa interaccion con la playa, ese liferazgo los hace descubrir otras cosas que los posicionan en una ventaja como seres humanos y mejores ciudadanos en el futuro."

"It was that I was so sure of myself, I was so strong minded in my perspective and he was willing to share this about himself... It really put me in my place. He showed a lot of courage in terms of sharing that."

"It made an impact on me to a point where I really really saw him...I had this internal dialogue going about what he was going to need from me or want from me... he truly just wanted to be in an experience of connection about the heat, the weather, and how hot it was."

"When I peel back the layers, I was drawn to his humbleness—never boasting, self deprecating—[he] always put other's first... "

"His willingness to listen to me and lend a helping hand, persistence, and compassion... to go above and beyond to find ways to help me or even listen to me or have a conversation with me and offer me his point of view, right or wrong."

"That I could have someone I considered to be acclaim... a person of acknowledgement internationally... to encourage me, to see something in me that would be worth for her to spend an extra amount of time to offer me a word of encouragement  and an attempt to empower me."

"It helped me get ideas and see that, in this day and age with technology, that we can work together whether we're in the same location or not."

"He was really genuine, asked questions that really dug deep... It made me come to a realization that I should be doing things that I'm happy about."