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Welcome (hosts, co-hosts, facilitators and participants) to humankind San Diego!

If you are reading, it's likely you have participated in a past humankind gathering. Many of you have indicated an interest in acting as a host/co-host and seeing more gatherings take place. Thank you for your willingness to engage and work with us to expand the conversation! 

Already interested in becoming a host for humankind?

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Still not sure yet? We'll answer a few key questions for you. 

What is humankind San Diego?

The purpose of humankind San Diego is to strengthen our shared humanity through conversations that connect.  We provide people with support, tools and opportunities to have conversations that matter. As a self-organizing community, we are committed to learning ways to deepen human connections across multiple boundaries. 

What’s our story?  

humankind grew out of a 2015 conference on countering all types of extremism.  In a region that has a microcosm of every boundary, we set out to move beyond what divides and frightens us to what connects us.

What are humankind’s core principles?

We strive to practice these core principles:

Speak from experience

Speaking for oneself, from one’s personal experience, is essential to creating understanding. Sharing your story, expressing feelings, and exploring why you feel the way you do humanizes the conversation, deepens the connection and leads to finding common ground across differing opinions.

Equalize voices

We might feel at times that we are not being fully heard, especially when certain voices around us receive more airtime than others. Ensuring that everyone has a chance to speak, encouraging people to share, acknowledging and working to overcome differences in power and privilege can build trust and deepen relationships.

Listen to discover

Being a good listener takes practice. Keeping our minds focused on the speaker, working to suspend assumptions and judgment, and avoiding the temptation to react to what is being said are essential to learning. Being open to new perspectives and possibilities creates space to move forward.

Appreciate difference

Appreciation is about recognizing the best in people and the world, affirming strengths and successes, and focusing on the positivity in sharing our differences. With that approach, we elevate our value as a unified world. As the practitioners of Appreciative Inquiry say, “Words create worlds”, and we want a better one!

Learn by doing

We believe that, however difficult, we can and need to connect and have these conversations now. Doing it, rather than talking about it, is the best way to learn. Learning from our personal experiences and sharing them with others deepens our community relationships and enriches our individual lives.

What kinds of gatherings does humankind host?

In 2018, we have been experimenting with a number of ways to bring people together:

We also work alongside communities and organizations to share stories of positive experiences (e.g., of Affirming Dignity) that build understanding, deepen connections and enable people to articulate and realize their aspirations.

What does it mean to be a humankind host?

Hosts are the local catalysts of the humankind community. When you choose to provide space for conversations around topics that are meaningful to you, your friends, family, neighbors and/or organizations, we are here to support and strengthen your commitment by providing tools, avenues, and tips for leaning in to conversations that may be otherwise difficult.

Hosts are supported by humankind Curators, who are experienced practitioners and community leaders. You are also welcome, if interested, to join our monthly Curator Circle meetings, where we share what we are learning about ways to build a more connected San Diego.

Does being a humankind host require any training? (e.g. group facilitation experience)

No, you don’t need professional training, a certificate, or group facilitation experience to be a host. Our goal at humankind is to strengthen the drive and capabilities for people in the region to build relationships and have conversations that matter.

The only thing we ask of you is the willingness to engage. 

What else does humankind provide?

humankind can support you in the following ways:

  • Inspiration: We have lots of ideas to share to help you design your gathering(s).

  • Learning: We are committed to sharing and learning from our experience.

  • Facilitation: If you think it’s necessary, we’ll find someone to be there to support conversations for you and your guests.

  • Marketing: We can provide digital space on our website, Eventbrite and Meetup invitations and will help you send a follow-up email to your participants.

  • Branded materials: We have signage and equipment (a pop-up tent, banners, video and audio recording devices) that can be made available.

How are humankind gatherings funded?

Our aspiration is that humankind activities be self-sustaining to allow for growth and a deeper community engagement. Hosts and Curators are not paid for what they do, but we encourage them to find ways to support their efforts to expand the community.   

A couple of options to consider for your upcoming gathering:  

  • Charging attendance admission or collecting funds at the gathering/event itself

  • Creating an optional/suggested donation field on Eventbrite and Meetup

The hosts and curators would agree on the collection and distribution of funds to support their events, and they would agree on how to clearly communicate their purpose to participants. 

Important Note: The contributions mentioned above do not qualify as charitable contributions. humankind is not a legal organization and cannot issue tax receipts for charitable contributions. Any other methods of fundraising using the humankind brand requires a fiscal agent and permission from the Gem Foundation. Please contact Karen Mercaldo at for further questions on this issue.

I’m super interested, so how do I get started?

Click the button below, fill out the short form, and you’ll get a call from a humankind Curator to explore what you want to create.


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