Sharing Stories in 2016

Stories of connections that change the way we see the world were  full of open mindedness, courage, compassion and a focus on what we have in common as humans...but they emerged from times of uncertainty, fear, struggle and a willingness to acknowledge and appreciate  differences.


Taryell’s Story

"His willingness to listen to me and lend a helping hand, persistence, and compassion... to go above and beyond to find ways to help me or even listen to me or have a conversation with me and offer me his point of view, right or wrong."



"We continued to have this wonderful conversation until I dropped them both off...that's my story about meeting someone that was an 'other'...And how we connected despite you know the prejudice and biases that they might have or I might have about them."


Nitya Story

"Their ability to show me their true human nature—which I think is based off of compassion and generosity—is what made this really important to me. And their courage and kindness despite everything they've been through... it spoke to me."


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